Monday, July 3, 2017

Aurora Wings Challenge #53- Anything Goes using "Flora 2- Goddess of Flowers"

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Hello again!! 2 post within a few days!! Aren't you guys shocked!! Me too!!! I love it when I get to color all of the images at once!! Today I get to share with you my latest Aurora Wings piece. I loved working with Flora 2: Goddess of Flowers. 
 I really wanted to work with some softer colors for this one so I used my RV90's, V90's and R90's which came out a little pinker than I wanted but it really adds a nice pop of color.

 To finish this piece off I matted it on some purple card stock, edged with ivory lace and added an inspirational Claude Monet quote in the corner because the soft blending of all the colors really made me this of Monet with this one, the blending of the flowers, hair and dress also really helped take my mind to Monet.

Lastly I framed her up in a beautiful black leather frame. 

Here's a close up of the quote for you:
"It's on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly." -Claude Monet

Now if you love this beautiful image you can find it here:

Thanks so much for popping in today!! Make sure you pop by everyone elses blogs to see the beauty they created as well!!! Have an awesome month!!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Flowers, Feathers and Fairies: New Releases!!! Floating Isles and Hunter with Wolf

Good Morning Everyone!!! I have a couple super awesome new images to share with you today!!
Flowers, Feathers and Fairies just released this awesome new background digital stamp called Floating Isles and I love it!! Soooo much!!
Floating Isles Background Digi Stamp - JPG

So first I merged with "Tiger Lily" and colored it up!!
I created a day scene for this image and I absolutely adore it!! Look at all those layers in the sky!! Just such incredible depth created by Sabrina here!!

Next I merged it with "Hunter with Wolf" and created a night scene:
I love all the details that are left for us!! I chose to add a few little stars as if they were just starting to appear but wait till you see what Sabrina did with her night scene!! Its incredible!!

And lastly we let my 6 year old have a little play with the "Floating Isles" and "Peony Fairy"
Skyla had so much fun coloring with up!! She was thrilled to start looking at cast shadows and layers and although its not perfect I think she nailed it!!
Sabrina added an extra large peony and a couple little ones in the grass for us and she's told me if anyone wants to recreate this just purchase the 2 images and send her an email and she will send you this file with the extra Peonies added.

That's all for me today. I know it's short and sweet and missing all kinds of links I usually give you guys and I do appologize but I'm running behind with my life and just finished coloring late last night. Today is Canada Day so we are heading to join the celebrations with the kiddos and I must go dress and sunscreen the masses!!
Happy Weekend!!!

PS Make sure you pop by the Flowers, Feathers and Fairies Blog to see what everyone else created!!!

I am entering these projects in the World Wide Open Design Team Challenge.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Aurora Wings New Release Friday Showcase!!! Featuring Wings & Petals, Lady of the Sea Full Version and Cinderella Full Version

 I am always so delighted when Mitzi asks us to work with new images and help the Aurora Wings Showcase Design Team out. I LOVE getting to work with these new images and show you how stunning they can be when you put some color on them!! Today there are 6 new images being release because we are celebrating 3000 members in our Aurora Wings Facebook Group!!! Make sure you pop over there for all of the details of the weekends events!!! 
 For now let me show you the amazing Wings & Petals!! Isn't she just unbelievably stunning!!!! I colored her in 8x8 to be sure to get as much detail as I could in all those petals and butterfly wings!!
 Then I framed her in an 8x8 shadow box with "Without Change there would be no Butterflies" on the glass. 
 I'm loving how the gold glitter vinyl plays to well off the yellow flowers. I think they make each other pop.
And lastly, I had to show you the stunning close up of those butterfly wings!!! Just gorgeous!! The detail in them was just enough to give you an idea but not so much you couldn't have your own creative say on how they turned out. 
It was just such a stunning image to work with!! I cannot wait to get to color her again!!!

You can find Wings & Petals here:
Aurora Wings Website
Aurora Wings Etsy Shop

Now the second lovely image I got the pleasure of working with is Lady of the Sea Full Version. It is an unbelievably gorgeous image!! So full of details and shadows to play with!!
Isn't it just stunning!! I am completely floored by all the little details Mitzi added in here!! They all come together for such a stunning effect!!

Once I had her all colored up I matted her in some lovely mermaid themed paper from Kaiser Kraft. I added a lovely, fun, inspirational sentiment to the side for some fun!
Here's a little closer look at the sentiment and all the little sea creatures added.

Doesn't she just look lovely with that ocean like paper around her? 

Lastly I framed her up for display!! 
Thanks for allowing me to play with this amazing image Mitzi!! I just adored coloring her!!!

You can find Lady of the Sea Full Version exclusively on the Aurora Wings Website here:

Lastly I have the gorgeous Rococo Cinderella Full Version to show you!!!
I'm simply going to frame this stunning image and let it speak for itself!! The layers in that dress are just divine you guys!! And the detail scrolls around the carriage doors are incredible!!! Coloring this beautiful image was a delightful challenge that I cannot wait to do again!!

You can find the stunning Rococo Cinderella Full Version Exclusively on the Aurora Wings Website here:

Don't forget to pop on over to the Aurora Wings Facebook Group and join in on our 3000 Members Party!! There are going to be all kinds of fun things going on you don't want to miss like this....
What could this FREEBIE possibly be???

One last little treat for you!! Discount codes for the weekend!!! Enjoy. my friends, Enjoy!!!